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Here at NovaBirds, we love to share our critters with the world. We also love seeing birds and other creatures from around the world as well :)

Below are some of our favourite Cams that we've discovered thus far.

Critter Window
The CritterWindow is located in Southeast Indiana. This is another cam that I can spend hours on. My favorite cam is the one located brookside. There is always a great variety of birds, squirrels, beavers and foxes who stop by. It's never dull!
I've even seen the brook over flow during a short period in the winter. That was pretty surprising!

Phoebe - Hummingbird nest cam.
This cam is located in California, USA. It watches the nest of Phoebe, an Allens Hummingbird, who returns to the same rosebush each mating season to raise her chicks.
I could spend hours on this cam. It's amazing to watch Phoebe feed her chicks, and also to see the chicks develop. It's unbelievable how much they grow from one day to the next.

There's a reason this cam has over 14 million views! Make sure you stop by...but don't forget to come back here as well :)

Sabal Palm Sanctuary Bird Feeder Cam
The Sabal Palm Sanctuary has a great bird feeder cam. They are located in Texas, USA.
This cam is very active and has a beautiful backdrop! I had never seen a Green Jay before visiting this cam, but I must say, they are stunning!

You won't be disappointed if you visit this cam!

This site shares numerous cams throughout the province of Nova Scotia. They showcase the stunning views and scenery of every corner of our beautiful province.

Not only do they have great scenic cams, but they also feature a lobster trap cam in Halifax Harbour and a cam focusing on Merlin the parrot, who resides at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic! It's easy to spend hours on this site...try to resist visiting here after viewing a few of their cams! I dare ya'!

 Allessondra's Owl-Cam 
This cam is beyond spectacular.
The family who broadcasts this cam, has a Great Horned Owl who nests in a flower planter at a window.

This cam is located in Oaklahoma, USA.

The owl, "Mrs. Tiger," commonly hangs out in the planter and even lays a brood of eggs from time to time. This is a fantastic cam, and a pleasure to watch! Check it out!


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