Thursday, 13 June 2013

"Excuse me sir...

"...but I think you're confused!"

This curious Rose-breasted Grosbeak was a little perplexed at exactly why there was no food to be found at the hummingbird feeder. He explored around the feeder for some time before finding the seed feeder which is in the background :)

There's always some sort of antics going on at the NovaBirds Cam!

Friday, 7 June 2013

In the meantime...

Since the NovaBirds cam is relatively quiet right now (hummingbirds are only visiting a few times an hour), I decided to start featuring other cams on the blog :)

I came across "Whidbey Island Back Porch"

This is a spectacular hummingbird cam located in British Columbia. There are a dozens of Rufous and Anna's hummingbirds that can be seen congregating around the numerous feeders that owner Kathleen keeps well stocked.

Check them out! You won't be disappointed!