Monday, 31 December 2012

Stormy visitors

Scram at the suet basket
Despite the frigid weather yesterday, there were LOTS of visitors to the Bird Cam yesterday.

Chickadees, goldfinches, the male & female hairy woodpeckers, Scram (and a friend!), juncos and more. At one point yesterday morning, I noticed a large yellowish bird in the trees with a group of bluejays. Another Evening Grosbeak! I think it was a male. It was alone, but like I said, traveling with the bluejays. He stayed for a while and took a few swoops at the feeder, but was pretty skittish.

A male Evening Grosbeak visits
I was pretty surprised at just how busy the feeders were. Even when hubby was out snowblowing, they were still eating away.

Today, there are still lots of birds visiting. Guess they just can't stay away! Enjoy :)

Hope you all have a Happy New Year's Eve!