Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Our thoughts and prayers here at the NovaBirds Cam go out to the millions of those who have been affected by hurricane Sandy.

Sandy has knocked all the leaves from our trees.
What hits home especially here in Nova Scotia is the tragedy of the HMS Bounty. The ship was built in Lunenburg, NS and had just left that port after a recent visit here. While the majority of the crew were saved, two were not so fortunate.
Rest in Peace Claudene Christian, and lets also pray for the safe recovery of Captain Robin Walbridge.
Back here in Nova Scotia, we were lucky enough to have Sandy miss us. We're quite used to getting the tail ends of hurricanes, but Sandy's unusual path allowed us to avoid the worst of the storm.

We still have had (and will for the next few days) a fair amount of wind and rain which has knocked all of the fall leaves from the trees (as you can now see on the cam). Tomorrow sounds like it will be our worst day, with wind, thunderstorms and rain in the forecast. It will be a dreary next few days on the cam!


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