Friday, 8 February 2013

Blizzard Warning!

Looks like we have another nasty winter storm on the way!

Last night was the coldest night we've had so far, I believe! Somewhere around -21C before the windchill. It's miserable!!

The temperature will come up a bit, but that's only to make way for the ginormous snow storm that's coming our way. It's actually two storms combining. It's so large that it's currently effecting Ontario, and will eventually come our way.

The forecast predicts that our snowfall will begin over night tonight and winds will pick up to gusts of 100km/h. All that snow + the wind = BLIZZARD!

Saturday will be very messy. They predict we may get upwards of 40cm once it's all over.

It's hard to say if the birds will be out in that mess, not to mention the power is very likely to go out. So if the cam is down, you'll know why!

The birds will probably be very hungry once the storm is done!