Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Another new visitor!

Common Redpoll with Chickadee in background.
How exciting! Yesterday, I was lucky enough to have the day off from work. I was lounging around the livingroom when I noticed a flock of birds hanging out in the trees above the cam.

When I checked the cam, there were about 10 of the little buggers eating and perching and fighting with chickadees.

At first I didn't recognize them, so I consulting the bird book that my husband got me for Christmas (Formac Field Guide to Nova Scotia Birds). Finally I concluded that they were Common Redpolls! The males were gorgeous with their pink tummies and red crowns.

Unlike most winter birds that are here year round, these birds only visit our province in the winter months. Here's to hoping they stop by our feeder again!

These birds were VERY friendly. I was shocked that I could get so close to them to take photos. After some extra research, I learned that they are one of the most curious and friendly birds you can encounter. They very often will eat out of your hand with little coaxing!

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