Thursday, 31 January 2013

(Temporarily) Warmer weather!

..Wait.. isn't tomorrow February 1st?!
After at least two weeks of miserably cold weather (-29C/-20F), we're finally getting a break.

What a shock to wake up to all of the snow being melted away, and the thermometer reading +17C/62.6F. We went from needing to wear at least 3 layers of clothes, to being able to walk out the door in a t-shirt and undies (as my husband did this morning to take out the trash!).

It's really nice to have a break in the snow and cold. It's pretty uncommon to have such a "balmy" day during a time of year when we're usually experiencing our coldest weather!

We have to enjoy it while it lasts's forecast that the cold weather will be back by Saturday.

The cam may not be as lively today, since the birds will have more natural food sources uncovered on the ground right now. Enjoy what visitors we have :)


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